Restoration of Original Horns:

The greatest care and attention is given to proper restoration and conservation of each horn I work on.  Authenticity of the repair and retention of the originality of the horn item is my top priority.

Museum quality restoration services include:

  •  Repair of damaged or missing threads on horn or tip
  •  Replacement of missing thread stubs on end of horn or inside the horn
  •  Extension of original tips when they have been shortened
  •  Replacement of internal or external screw-tips with appropriate tip
  •  Replacement of applied collars
  •  Replacement of horn bands
  •  Replacement of missing staples and wood buttons on the butt end
  •  Stabilization of cracks and breaks in horn body
  •  Replacement of missing wooden butt
  •  General repair of antique horns and horn items.   

I can match any thread diameter and pitch when repairing threads or replacing missing screw tips.  Hand chasing of most threads is done to assure authenticity.  Special care and attention is taken to research and assure appropriate style, shape, color, and appearance of replacement parts including method, appropriate wear and tooling marks.  

All work is priced based on the job.  I can sometimes give "ballpark" estimates based on photos, but no quote is firm until the item has been examined in person.

Please see my  "Contact" information page to request information on repair work.

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