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A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns
Contemporary & Antique Powder Horns For Sale

Payment Options: In addition to personal checks, money orders or bank checks, I do now accept PayPal payments.  3% is added for this option.  If you are interested in an item, contact me by email for specifics at ajdecamp@verizon.net.
Be sure to check out the collection of  Antique Horns listed below the Contemporary Horns.

Contemporary Itemsby Art DeCamp "For Sale" .
Original Antique Horns and Horn Items.
I have these three original antique horns from a friend's collection that are "For Sale".  The horns are "priced to sell" and I am more than willing to discuss "offers".  To request information on any of these horns refer to them by the numbers shown on the tag with the horn in the photos below.     

If you have interest in any of these please contact me for details.  Shipping for horns in this group will be calculated in addition to the price.    

F-24 - Late Lancaster bottle-tip, attic condition, some cracks - $35.00, OBO

F-32 - Flat horn with carved bird head spout w/ inlaid eyes.  European, probably Scandanavian - $40.00, OBO

F-37 - Small 6" pocket horn w/engrailed spout.  Some bug damage, "plaster" covering on pine wood butt- $20.00, OBO

Southern Mountain Rifle completed by Art DeCamp
Southern Mountain Rifle by Art DeCamp - This is a Kibler SMR kit rifle assembled and significantly enhanced by Art as he made this piece.  It is in .45 cal, so it is suitable for deer hunting and is a very nice light weight rifle.  I has the following "extra" touches added by the maker.  

  • Iron banana shaped patchbox, 
  • Hand filed "wedding band" molding on the butt plate, 
  • relief carved moldings on the bottom ot the butt stock and on the forestock.  
  • sterling silver engraved inlays on the cheek piece, and soldered to the bow of the trigger guard.  
  • The lock has been engraved,
  •  a second front lock screw was added of additional stability of the lock itself.  
  • The rear set trigger is opened up and reshaped just a bit to make it easier for one's finger to fit in it.
  • ​Hand filed "wedding band" rings on the iron ram rod pipes.
  • Poured pewter nose cap
  • German silver front sight
  • ​Toe plate added to enhance the strength of the toe of the butt
  • Slightly aged and handled highlights added to the stock.

As you can see from the photos this is a fine looking rifle, and it shoots very well with the load I worked up for it.​  
Price is $2,650.00.  Please contact me by phone of email if you are interested.  I can arrange shipping or delivery to a future event.