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A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns
Contemporary Powder Horns & Accoutrements for sale:
North Carolina 3-Banded horn of Randolph County style:  This circa 1790's to 1810 North Carolina horn is patterned after originals. The cherry wood butt has a long button for strap attachment, with brass headed tack in the center of the button.  The two-piece antler turned tip is pinned in place on the spout end of the horn.  Two contrasting horn bands are on the natural colored semi-translucent horn body.  There is also a contrast horn band at the butt end of the horn.

This measures approximately 12" across, 2-5/16" diameter at the butt and could be carried either right or left side.  It will ride perfectly on a hunting bag.

Price = $390.00, with free shipping
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J.P. Beck Style Flintlock Rifle. -  I built this rifle patterned after some of Beck's finest work.  It has a Getz swamped barrel that is 40-1/2" long in .42 caliber.  The lock is a Small Siler.  There is relief and incise carving at the barrel tang, cheek piece side of the butt and at the rear entry pipe.  The stock is aged to look like it has been carried and handled.

This is a very light and fast handling rifle the feels great in ones hands.  I do not build many rifles so here is an opportunity to have one that doesn't come around often.

Price = $4,295.00, plus shipping if needed.
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Rare 5-Piece Traveling Inkwell or Penner:  This 18th century style penner is replicated after one that is in the Winterthur Museum.   It is turned from solid sections of horn and each section is then threaded so that they screw together for storage.  The top section stores a penknife that is set into a double threaded piece of horn.  When not in use the blade threads into the taller handle section, and when in use it is reversed and screwed into the handle for use as a quill pen sharpening knife.  The blade is approximately 1-5/8" long and is made from hardened and tempered tool steel.  The top section of the penner is reinforced at its top with a poured pewter ring.  

The next section down is the actual inkwell, which is a hollowed out piece of horn with a cork at the top to secure the ink when not in uses.  Just below this section is a smaller segment which stores ink powder.​

At the bottom is the sander, which holds the "sand" or pounce which is used for prepping parchment paper and for helping ink to dry and not smear when the writing is completed.  The overall height of this penner is approximately 6-1/4" by about 1-1/8" in diameter.

Price including postage is $450.00