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A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns
Contemporary & Antique Powder Horns For Sale

Payment Options: In addition to personal checks, money orders or bank checks, I do now accept PayPal payments.  3% is added for this option.  If you are interested in an item, contact me by email for specifics at ajdecamp@verizon.net.
Be sure to check out the collection of  Antique Horns listed below the Contemporary Horns.

Contemporary Horns and Horn Items.
Original Antique Horns and Horn Items.
Banded Georgia Pinned-tip Powder Horn #4:

Small Georgia Banded horn with pinned-tip #4- This Georgia style horn with four applied bands and a two-piece pinned horn tip is authentic to the northern Georgia horns made at the Moravian colony near Dalton, Ga in the late 1820's.  The pinned tip is turned from two separate pieces of horn that are accented with lead oxide and pinned to the horn body.   The horn has four applied bands that are decorated at their edges with black paint.  The maple wood is accented with black paint.  The leather stopper is made to be authentic to originals of this style.  This is a smaller horn measuring only approximately 9" across.  It has nice curve and twist.  The maple butt is approximately 2" in diameter and has a separate turned button inserted and wedged into it for the strap attachment.  It could best be carried on the right side but would also work on the left.   This horn is lightly "aged" with some applied patina.

Price = $420.00, including postage.  SOLD Pending receipt of funds

I have these six original antique horns from a friend's collection that are "For Sale".  The horns are "priced to sell" and I am more than willing to discuss "offers".  To request information on any of these horns refer to them by the numbers shown on the tag with the horn in the photos below.     

If you have interest in any of these please contact me for details.  Shipping for horns in this group will be calculated in addition to the price.    

F-24 - Late Lancaster bottle-tip, attic condition, some cracks - $35.00, OBO

F-32 - Flat horn with carved bird head spout w/ inlaid eyes.  European, probably Scandanavian patina - $40.00, OBO

F-36 - Early style possibly Rev. War horn 10" across.  Missing butt, w/ original leather thong at faceted spout - $30.00, OBO

F-37 - Small 6" pocket horn w/engrailed spout.  Some bug damage, "plaster" covering on pine wood butt- $20.00, OBO

F-42 - Large Virginia Rifleman's horn, made on military pattern with turned and threaded cherry wood finial in butt.  Removes for filling the horn.  Repaired crack in bottom of horn body - $60.00, OBO