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A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns
Contemporary Powder Horns & Accoutrements For Sale
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Early Philadelphia Style Double Powder Horn - This double horn is made in the style of the Early Philadelphia "main shop".  It is an adaptation developed by me and I do not know of an original made like this contemporary version.  The horn is a nice golden yellow with natural black spouts ends and black horn for both applied collars and tips.  The tip to the rear (left end) of the horn is a "dummy" and does not flow powder.  The body of the horn is a single cavity and carries the same powder across both halves.  The right side screw-tip has the stopper and this end is used for filling or dispensing the powder.  The two horn bodies were a matched set from one cow and are almost mirror images in coloration.  The matching two horns are approximately 2 " in diameter and are  joined in the center with a single section of cherry wood that is painted black to match the tips.  There are matching applied collars turned from horn on either side of the center wood section.  The horn measures approximately 13" across at the tips and is about 9" deep.

Price including postage is $395.00

Early Philadelphia Screw-tip Double Horn:
Pinned-tip Virginia Horn with Bands

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Pinned-tip Virginia horn with Bands:  This is patterned after the Virginia Horn FR-3 in the book Bone Tipped and Banded Horns by Jay Hopkins.  It has a turned black horn tip that is pinned in place.  Two horn bands are added for appearance, one in the center of the horn and a second at the base plug.  The base plug is turned from maple wood and is threaded to receive a black horn button that unscrews to make filling the horn easier.  Very nice Virginia horn that can be carried on either side.  The horn measures 10-1/2" across and 2-3/8" diameter at the butt.  It is perfect for a bag horn.

Price including postage is $345.00   SOLD 
Virginia Screw-tip horn with threaded Horn Button:
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Virginia Screw-tip Horn with Threaded Horn Button - This Virginia style horn is a close replica based on two original horns that passed through my shop for repair recently.  The natural caramel colored screw tip is shaped from one of the originals and serves to retain the carry strap on the spout end of the horn.  The threaded horn button in the butt end acts as the carry strap attachment point and unscrews to allow easy filling of the horn at the dished out portion of the turned maple wood butt.  This simple and graceful horn will look great on a hunting bag.  Horn measures 11-3/8" across and 2-9/16" diameter at the butt.

Price including postage is:  $340.00