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 A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns

Screw-tip Horns and Horn Restoration

Art DeCamp specializes in the authentic Replication and historically accurate Restoration of powder horns.  He is recognized as a Master Horner by the Honourable Company of Horners; and is highly skilled at the craft of using horn as a medium for a wide range of horn items  including powder horns, cups, utensils, and other historical items.  Art is also available for identifying and appraising original antique powder horns and muzzle loading rifles.  Please visit our "Contact us" page for information on how to reach Art for any of the above services or further questions.  
Updated the "Items For Sale" tab section on 1/27/2016.

First Annual Horn Fair
Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA 
March 1996
DVDs of the First "Horn Fair" Now Available!
When Roland Cadle planned, organized and operated the first "Horn Fair" at Mercer Museum in Doylestown, PA in March 1996, no one knew the impact this event would have on the interest in horn work in the future. It was his goal to create an event that would further interest and understanding of how professional horn work was performed in America during the period. Over 125 people attended that day, hearing a series of eight speakers making presentations, the event was a huge success.

There was such a great amount of interest generated at the first annual Horn Fair, that a second event was held the following year in Columbus, OH. It was at this event held in March 1997 that the formal creation of The Honourable Company of Horners took place. Because of his involvement and leadership in both putting on the first Horn Fair, and input and guidance in creating The Honourable Company of Horners, Roland Cadle is recognized as the "Founder" of the Horn Guild.

In order to make the first event happen, Roland even took out a loan against his home, to help finance the event. Included as part of that was the expense of having all eight speakers videotaped to document the information presented.

Now, as The Honourable Company of Horners celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Horn Fair and Conference in Carlisle, PA on March 5 and 6, 2016 it is very appropriate to have DVD disk copies of those original speakers available. The original five VHS tape version of the First Annual Horn Fair has been converted over to a set of two DVD disks. Combined there is over five and one-half hours of lecture and demonstration shown on these two disks.  Video quality is still the same as on those first VHS tapes, and the information from these esteemed expert speakers and the images shown during those seminars is still quite valid and worthwhile.  

The first disk contains three seminars:
Part 1: Tom Ames - speaking on the topic "The Spirit Within Hornworking" addresses many original items and Tom's interpretations on what the maker was thinking and striving to accomplish in producing the item.
Part 2: Mark Odle - a well-known contemporary artist presenting his views on horn work at the time.
Part 3: An interactive interview of Atlee Crouse by Roland Cadle - Atlee Crouse was a fourth generation member of the family that rand the last remaining horn horn shop in America. His reminiscences and descriptions of the comb making business are very important.

The second disk covers four seminars:
Part 4: Dr. Jay Hopkins - expert powder horn collector speaks on "Regional Characteristics of Powder Horns" in America.
Part 5: Russ Young - long-time student of horn items and professional photographer presents and "Audio Visual History of American Horn"
Part 6: Bruce Horn -a fine contemporary horn smith and artist lectures and demonstrates his techniques for engraving horn.
Part 7: Roland Cadle and Erv Tschanz - collaborate to lecture and demonstrate "Turning and Threading, and Tinting" horn.

If you have never had the opportunity to view these seminars, or want to have the ability to view them on current technology, now is the time to acquire a set of these DVDs.

The two-disk set on "Hornsmithing, The First Annual Horn Fair at Mercer Museum, Doylestown, PA" is available at the price of $29.95, plus $4.95 postage, total $34.90.

For those planning on attending the Horn Fair & Conference at AHEC in Carlisle, PA, March 5&6, 2016 prepaid orders will delivered at the event at the special 20th Anniversary price of $26.95.

Send Payment to: "Art DeCamp" at 2210 Acorn Circle, Huntingdon, PA 16652
Special Announcement!!!