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 A. J. DeCamp Custom Powder Horns

Screw-tip Horns and Horn Restoration

Art DeCamp specializes in the authentic Replication and historically accurate Restoration of powder horns.  He is recognized as a Master Horner by the Honourable Company of Horners; and is highly skilled at the craft of using horn as a medium for a wide range of horn items  including powder horns, cups, utensils, and other historical items.  Art is also available for identifying and appraising original antique powder horns and muzzle loading rifles.  Please visit our "Contact us" page for information on how to reach Art for any of the above services or further questions.  
The updated group of horns shown below will be available online, or in person at the 18th Century Artisan's Show new location in Carlisle, PA February 3 & 4, 2023.  Check for details and pricing on the "Items For Sale" tab.  Four of these are now "SOLD". 1/29/23

I will be selling horns from a very high quality collection for a friend.  The collection totals over forty horns, most of them are screw-tips or shop made horns.  The first three groupings of over twenty horns are now posted on the Items for Sale tab.  Horns are numbered in the group photo and will be priced to "sell".  If you have interest in any of these please contact me for details.  Shipping for horns in this group will be be in addition to the price.  1/26/23